The Grieving Self

Rediscover the 'Self' After Death of a Loved One.

Local marriage and family therapist writes important self-help book about rediscovering ‘self’ after loss

Jacksonville, FL (October 20, 2010) – Recently retired local marriage and family therapist, Joan P. Hubbard, is the author of The Grieving Self, a just-released book about rediscovering ‘self’ after the death of a loved one. In her book, she challenges traditional views about the grieving process and proposes that reconnecting to an independent sense of self will help the bereaved recover from painful loss in a shorter period of time.

 “Writing this book was my way of trying to understand what was happening to me after my mother’s death at 87,” said Hubbard. “After she suffered a stroke, I suspected that we might lose her at any time.  But, her death a short time later was still shocking and life-altering. What I discovered at the point of losing someone so closely connected to me for so many years is that it is more than pain, although there is plenty of that as well.  It is as though one has lost a piece of one’s self.

 She continued, “I began to search out the stories about others’ experiences and read a number of books, articles, whatever I could find to see what other people experienced about the theme of “loss of self” (losing the pattern of how life is conducted). It was after the death of my sister’s husband in October 2008 and her subsequent struggle when I knew I had to write about this personal and shared experience of loss.  Hopefully, this book will help my sister and others understand the process of the grief journey, and perhaps shorten the time dedicated to the confusion and disorientation of bereavement.” (click for excerpt)

Hubbard weaves her personal and professional experiences throughout 32 years in clinical practice specializing in issues related to individuals, couples and family into an easy-to-read book that offers light and comfort for those who have suffered loss. Her particular expertise with the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator gives her insight into how personality type influences an individual’s grieving process and ability to re-connect with self and others, and gender differences between men and women who grieve.

She believes that those who can reconnect and reconstruct their independent self after severe loss will experience emotional healing more quickly and begin a new path toward a viable life. In her forward Hubbard writes, “Grief is a journey most of us are destined to take. We will experience grief at a loss of our physical parts or the abilities of our bodies to perform, the loss of important relationships (family and friends) through death or attrition, loss of jobs and opportunities…loss of some aspect of what we know to be our self.”

The Grieving Self reveals the stories of a few of those recently bereaved and focuses on the universal issues of those who grieve – aloneness, loss of self, loss of social connections, anniversaries and holidays, self and others’ expectations, the need to continue living, ambivalence in the face of recovery, grief dreams and medical problems.

According to Leo Christie, Ph.D., President of Professional Development Resources, “Joan Hubbard has been my respected colleague and valued friend for more than 25 years. During her 30-plus years as a clinical marriage and family therapist, Joan has learned as much from her clients as they learned from her. She has been able to bring together the wisdom of long experience, the engaging warmth of a depth therapist, and the rare ability to organize her thoughts and express herself in an intensely personal and insightful work. The result is marvelously enlightening and guaranteed to benefit its readers.”

With more than 2.4 million deaths in the U.S. alone each year, The Grieving Self touches on a poignant and necessary journey that many of us will experience more than once in our lives. The Grieving Self offers hope for those who grieve as well as practical steps to follow toward recovery. The book [Consultation Resources Press] is now available through Hubbard’s website,

For more information and to schedule an interview, speaking engagement or book-signing, call Hubbard at 904-249-1177 or send her an email at 



The Grieving Self

Jacksonville, Florida-native Joan Hubbard, M.A., is a recently retired (2007) marriage and family therapist. Her 32-year clinical practice specialized in issues of individuals, couples and family. Toward the end of her practice, Hubbard was also applying systems work to organizations. She has particular expertise with the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator and has served on the faculty for the Center for Application of Psychological Type (CAPT) and with the Association for Psychological Type International (APTi) as Consultant to the area of Counseling and Psychotherapy. In her capacity with APTi, she authored a series of articles on the applicability of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator to the field of counseling and psychotherapy. Hubbard has also published two online courses for Professional Development Resources, a provider of continuing education courses for health care professionals.


Since 1998, she and her husband, Tom Hubbard, enjoy living in and operating their bed and breakfast inn, Pelican Path B & B by the Sea, located oceanfront in Jacksonville Beach, Florida.